Titleist Golf Clubs

Skyler Stanton
21 min readMar 22, 2024

Get ready to elevate your golfing game with our roundup of the finest Titleist Golf Clubs. These sleek and sophisticated clubs are designed to provide ultimate precision and power on the course. Let us show you why these golf clubs are a must-have for any serious golfer.

The Top 15 Best Titleist Golf Clubs

  1. Innovative Paradym Steel Iron Set for Exceptional Performance — The Callaway Paradym Steel Iron Set offers players a premium feel, exceptional distance, and enhanced forgiveness, making it the ultimate choice for discerning golfers who demand the best.
  2. Titleist T400 Irons — Distance and Forgiveness in a Single Package — Experience ultimate distance, forgiveness, and precision with the Titleist T400 Irons
  3. Titleist T400 Iron Set: Forgiving Golf Clubs for Moderate Swing Speeds — Titleist T400 Iron Set: Designed for moderate swing speed players, these forgiving, easy-launching irons deliver confidence-inspiring performance with smooth turf interaction and effortless distance.
  4. Titleist T200 III Steel Iron Set: Enhanced Feel and Impressive Distance for Better Scoring — Experience unmatched feel and performance with the Titleist T200 III Steel Iron Set, a perfect blend of clean design and advanced technologies for tour-proven distance.
  5. Improved Distance, Feel, and Look: Titleist T300 Iron Set — Experience enhanced forgiveness, improved feel, and impressive distance with Titleist T300 Iron Set Steel — the ultimate game improvement iron for golfers of all levels.
  6. Titleist T150 Irons: Enhanced Feel, Precision, and Turf Interaction — Experience superior touch and control with the Titleist T150 Irons, featuring enhanced feel, consistent flight, and player confidence through refined design and materials.
  7. 2021 Titleist T200 Irons: Maximum Speed, Tour-Validated Feel, and Distance Control — Experience the ultimate in player-preferred distance with the Titleist 2021 T200 Irons, boasting a compact design, engineered muscle plate for improved sound and feel, and denser tungsten weighting for precise CG and maximum impact.
  8. Titleist 716 AP2 4-PW Forged Stiff Flex Iron Set for Men — Discover the ultimate in Tour performance and forgiveness with the Titleist 716 AP2 Forged Iron Set, featuring co-forged tungsten weighting, lower CG, and a solid, professional-grade grip.
  9. Titleist T100 Iron Set — Enhanced Feel, Refined Control, Effortless Turf Interaction — The Titleist T100 Iron Set delivers enhanced feel, refined control, and unmatched turf interaction, perfect for touring pros and golfers seeking superior performance.
  10. Titleist T200 Iron Set — Enhanced Feel and Performance — Experience ultimate distance and feel with the Titleist T200 Iron Set — a flawless combination of Tour technologies and player-validated design, perfect for every golf enthusiast in 2023.
  11. Titleist TSR2 Driver: High Launch, Low Spin for Optimal Performance — The Titleist TSR2 Driver is designed for maximum performance, with improved aerodynamics and optimized CG placement, resulting in high launch and low spin for consistent and purer contact.
  12. New Titleist T350 Iron Set with Advanced Engineering — Experience cutting-edge golf technology with the Titleist T350 Iron Set 2023, featuring hollow-body construction, improved off-center speed, and dual tungsten weighting for unmatched forgiveness and distance.
  13. Maximum Launch and Distance with Titleist T350 Irons — Improve your golf game with the Titleist T350 Irons, offering enhanced speed, forgiveness, and player-preferred feel through innovative technologies, like Vokey-influenced Variable Bounce Sole and Dual D18 Tungsten Weighting.
  14. Titleist T300 Iron Set: Premium Long-Distance Golf Clubs — Boost your game with the Titleist T300 Iron Set, featuring advanced Max Impact technology, variable face design, and superior distance and forgiveness for a premium, confidence-inspiring golfing experience.
  15. Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke Steel Irons: AI-Optimized Performance for Distance, Control, and Precision — Unlock unparalleled performance with the AI-powered Paradym Ai Smoke Steel Irons — the ultimate solution for golfers seeking distance, control, and precision.


Innovative Paradym Steel Iron Set for Exceptional Performance


I’ve been using the Callaway Paradym Steel Irons, and I must say, they’ve been a game-changer for me. As someone who’s always looking for that extra edge on the green, these clubs have exceeded my expectations.

One of the most notable features of these irons is their exceptional feel. The all-new Hollow Body design, featuring Speed Frame construction, delivers a premium forged feel that discerning players demand. Every face is uniquely optimized for more speed, higher launch, and increased spin consistency.

Another impressive aspect is the additional forgiveness that these irons provide. The pre-worn leading edge is designed to cut through the turf more efficiently, which has contributed to my improved performance on the course.

However, there’s one downside that I cannot ignore. The sound of these irons is not as pleasing as I had hoped. While the feel is fantastic, the sound is quite unlike that of a traditional forged club.

Despite this minor drawback, the Callaway Paradym Steel Irons have significantly improved my game. Their combination of feel, forgiveness, and distance has made them my go-to irons for any round. Overall, I would highly recommend these clubs to any golfer looking to enhance their performance and take their game to new heights.

Titleist T400 Irons — Distance and Forgiveness in a Single Package


Titleist T400 Irons: My Daily Game Changer

I’ve been using the Titleist T400 Irons for a few weeks now, and I must say, they’ve become an integral part of my golf game. The moment I stepped onto the course, I could feel the difference in my shots. The forgiveness and distance they provide make every swing count.

One feature that caught my attention is the wide-body shape and Split Sole design. This allows for increased turf interaction and a smooth strike, ensuring optimal ball contact for maximum distance. The hollow head construction adds to the high MOI, resulting in longer and straighter flight.

High-density tungsten weighting combined with a super-thin face is a game-changer for me. It results in high launch and consistent distance even in my mis-hits. My game has become more consistent, and I’m no longer worried about losing yards due to my slower swing speed.

While they are a larger head size, it didn’t take long to adapt. The larger head doesn’t compromise the forgiveness or distance, and with excellent control, it’s a small price to pay for the benefits these clubs offer.

However, I must admit, the one drawback is the price. Titleist T400 Irons are not budget-friendly. But at the end of the day, they deliver the performance I need, making them an investment worth making.

In conclusion, the Titleist T400 Irons have been a game-changer for me. The forgiveness, distance, and smooth turf interaction make these irons a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to improve their game. It’s a rare find when a product lives up to its promise, but in the case of these irons, the results are undeniably impressive.

Titleist T400 Iron Set: Forgiving Golf Clubs for Moderate Swing Speeds


I recently tried the Titleist T400 Iron Set and must say I was thoroughly impressed. These irons are designed for moderate swing speed players like me to improve our game and score lower. The first thing I noticed was the confidence-inspiring head shape, which made faster feels effortless.

One of the standout features of the Titleist T400 Irons is their incredibly fast Super Thin L-Face. This lowers the center of gravity and launches the ball high and far. I also appreciated the innovative spit sole, which preserves the performance benefits of the wide body design while sliding through the turf smoothly.

I found the T400 Irons to be incredibly forgiving, and I could feel the increase in distance with each swing. Even when I hit the ball on the toe, the shots were consistent and accurate. These irons live up to their “extreme forgiveness” promise.

However, there was a slight downside: I noticed they have a larger head size compared to some other irons I’ve used. But overall, the Titleist T400 Iron Set is an impressive and enjoyable set of clubs that has noticeably improved my game.

Titleist T200 III Steel Iron Set: Enhanced Feel and Impressive Distance for Better Scoring


Meet the T200 III Steel Iron Set by Titleist — the ultimate tool for any golf enthusiast. I’ve been using these irons for a while now, and let me tell you, they’ve got me hooked.

From the moment I picked them up, their sleek design and clean shape caught my eye. It’s that little extra confidence boost I need on the green. But it’s the performance that truly sets these irons apart.

The T200 III boasts a forged face and hollow-body construction, which guarantees a solid, comfortable feel. The Max Impact Technology and dual taper face work in perfect harmony, ensuring maximum speed and Tour-level feel with every swing. I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my game since using these irons.

One of the best features is their effortless turf interaction. Playing on various terrains has never been smoother. The Variable Bounce Sole, developed with the help of Tour pros and Vokey Design, allows the club to glide through the turf seamlessly, adding an extra layer of convenience and consistency to my game.

But, as with any tool, there are a few drawbacks to consider. While the T200 III irons are incredibly forgiving, especially for mid-handicap players like me, they may not be as forgiving for those with a lower handicap. Also, the custom fitting may add a few extra days to the shipping time, but trust me, it’s worth the wait.

In conclusion, the T200 III Steel Iron Set by Titleist is an exceptional club that’s made a significant difference in my game. With its sleek design, performance, and forgiveness, these irons are a must-have for any serious golfer.

Improved Distance, Feel, and Look: Titleist T300 Iron Set


A few months ago, I decided to take a break from my usual workout routine and try something different. I picked up the Titleist T400 Irons, mostly drawn in by their sleek design and promising distance gains. As someone who has a busy lifestyle and hardly gets the chance to hit the golf course more than once every couple of weeks, I was hoping these babies would make my experience more enjoyable and help me improve my overall game.

When I first took them for a spin, I was pleasantly surprised by how effortlessly the ball seemed to launch off the clubface. The enhanced forgiveness and optimized weight distribution proved to be true, as I noticed a noticeable increase in my shot distances. Not to mention, the chrome plating gave them a touch of premium charm, making them feel a cut above the rest.

However, I also noticed a few areas where there was room for improvement. The T400 Irons required a bit more adjustment than I would have liked when it came to finding the right touch and feel for my swing. I had to spend some extra time on the practice range to get a firm grip on the clubs and find my optimal swing speed.

In conclusion, the Titleist T400 Irons have proven to be a game-changer for me, providing a much-needed boost to both my skills and my enjoyment on the golf course. While there’s still room for improvement in certain aspects, I would absolutely recommend these irons to anyone looking to take their golf game to the next level.

Titleist T150 Irons: Enhanced Feel, Precision, and Turf Interaction


I recently had the chance to try out the Titleist T150 Irons, and I must say, they’ve exceeded my expectations in several ways. First and foremost, the feel of these clubs is simply incredible. The fully forged design paired with the refined Muscle Channel and updated shape have truly enhanced my overall experience on the course. The enhanced feel and consistency provided by these irons are truly noteworthy, allowing me to have more precise control and solid contact with the ball.

One of the things I appreciated the most about the T150 Irons is their shaped to suit the player design. The slightly larger shape has been thoughtfully created to provide just the right amount of forgiveness, while maintaining a compact, Tour-inspired look. This has not only inspired confidence in my game but has also been instrumental in helping me improve my scores.

The effortless turf interaction that these irons provide is another standout feature. With input from Tour pros and the grind experts at Vokey Design, the Variable Bounce Sole has been further improved to allow the club to flow faster through the turf, even after contact. This has made a significant difference in my play, especially during tougher course conditions.

Another feature that impressed me is the better tungsten for better performance. By utilizing dense D18 tungsten and a 2000o aerospace brazing process, Titleist engineers have been able to eliminate weld points and be more precise with CG placement. This results in outstanding MOI and launch dynamics, creating a solid, fully forged design that has been a game-changer for me.

In summary, the Titleist T150 Irons have proven to be a fantastic addition to my bag, providing not only a superior feel and consistency but also enhancing my turf interaction and overall performance on the course. Although there are some minor areas where the clubs could be improved, such as the lofts being 2-degrees stronger than previous models, these irons are a clear winner and a must-try for any golf enthusiast seeking to elevate their game.

2021 Titleist T200 Irons: Maximum Speed, Tour-Validated Feel, and Distance Control


I recently tried out the Titleist 2021 T200 Irons, and I must say, they were quite the experience. The first thing that stood out to me was the sleek design and compact shape. I’ve never used irons with such an elegant look, and it definitely made me feel confident on the golf course.

What really impressed me, though, was the performance of these irons. The ball flight and trajectory were very satisfying, giving me a lot of confidence in my shots. I also found them to be quite forgiving, with off-center hits not straying too far from my intended target.

One area where these irons could use some improvement, in my opinion, is in sound. They produce a bit of a louder sound off the club face, which can sometimes be a bit distracting. But overall, the feel and feedback are very soft, which is something I really appreciated.

Another minor issue I encountered was with the insert plate on the back of the club. While it gives the irons a nice clean look, tapping my fingernail on it produced a slightly different sound. However, this is a very small detail, and it doesn’t affect the performance of the irons.

In conclusion, the Titleist 2021 T200 Irons are a great choice for consistent ball strikers who are looking for an elegant and powerful set of irons. The improved Max Impact technology and denser tungsten weighting make these clubs a real standout, and I would definitely recommend them to any golfer looking to up their game.

Titleist 716 AP2 4-PW Forged Stiff Flex Iron Set for Men


As a golf enthusiast, I’ve had the pleasure of trying out the Titleist 716 AP2 Forged irons. Let me tell you, they’ve made quite an impression on me with their impressive performance and design. The moment I held the clubs in my hands, I could feel the solid, forged construction that’s synonymous with Titleist quality.

One of the first things I noticed about these irons was how forgiving they were, especially for off-center hits. This was largely due to the clever use of tungsten weighting and lower CG, which worked together to increase MOI for higher speeds. The feel of these clubs was truly remarkable — smooth, crisp, and unlike anything I’d used before.

While I appreciated the AP2 irons’ precision and forgiveness, I did have some concerns about their distance compared to other clubs I’d tried. It became apparent that they weren’t designed with maximum yardage as their primary focus; instead, the emphasis was on accuracy and control.

In my experience, using these irons not only improved my overall accuracy, but also helped me develop a better understanding of proper shaft fitting and club offsets. I’ll be sure to recommend these clubs to players looking for a Tour-proven set that prioritizes precision and feel over pure distance.

Overall, I’d highly recommend the Titleist 716 AP2 Forged irons to any golfer who’s serious about upping their game and refining their strokes. However, if you’re in the market for a set that provides maximum distance, these may not be the best choice for you.

Titleist T100 Iron Set — Enhanced Feel, Refined Control, Effortless Turf Interaction


I recently had the chance to try out the Titleist T100 Iron Set, and let me tell you, it did not disappoint. The improved feel and refined control were evident right from the start. The dual-cavity construction and precision CNC face milling process really made a difference in my game.

What stood out the most was the effortless turf interaction, which allowed me to smoothly glide through the grass, even after contact. Overall, I’m a satisfied customer and would highly recommend these clubs to anyone looking for a solid, high-performing set.

Titleist T200 Iron Set — Enhanced Feel and Performance


I recently had the chance to try out the Titleist T200 Iron Set, and let me tell you, it was quite an experience.

From the moment I held the clubs, I could feel the quality and craftsmanship that went into creating them. The enhanced feel of the T200 was evident as soon as I made contact with the ball, and it offered a level of precision and control that I hadn’t felt in a long time.

One feature that really stood out to me was the player-validated shape. The clean and confident design not only looked great but also gave me the confidence I needed to hit those shots. The Variable Bounce Sole, inspired by Vokey Design, made for an effortless turf interaction, allowing me to glide through the grass with ease.

And then there was the Dual D18 Tungsten Weighting. It optimized every club in the set, from the long irons to the short ones, making them accurate and forgiving. It’s like Titleist engineered the perfect blend of distance and control, just for me.

Of course, no product is without its pros and cons. One thing I’d mention is that the game improvement aspect of these irons might be a bit too much for some players who prefer a more traditional feel. But overall, the T200 Iron Set exceeded my expectations, and I’m excited to continue using them in my rounds.

If you’re a golf enthusiast looking for that perfect blend of feel, distance, and forgiveness, I’d highly recommend giving the Titleist T200 Iron Set a try. You won’t be disappointed.

Titleist TSR2 Driver: High Launch, Low Spin for Optimal Performance


The Titleist TSR2 Driver has been an absolute game-changer for me this golfing season. As a seasoned golfer, I’ve tried several drivers, but nothing quite compares to the TSR2’s performance. The club is so forgiving, making it a breeze to hit perfect shots, even when my swing isn’t at its best. The TSR2 driver just screams ‘consistency’ — a trait that’s sorely lacking in many of its competitors.

What stands out the most, though, is the TSR2’s impressive speed and distance. No matter what kind of shot I attempt — be it a draw or a fade — the ball seems to soar through the air for miles. While I loved my previous TS2, the TSR2 just takes the cake when it comes to overall performance and distance.

Despite its stellar performance, the TSR2 isn’t without its drawbacks. The sound it makes when hitting the ball does lack the satisfying ‘pop’ you’d expect from some other golf clubs. It’s not a deal-breaker by any means, but it’s something I can’t quite get over. Additionally, the club has a slightly lower flight compared to other models, but this doesn’t seem to affect its overall performance much.

In conclusion, the Titleist TSR2 Driver is a powerful and reliable club that’s perfect for golfers of all skill levels. It’s a game-changer when it comes to distance, forgiveness, and consistency, and while it does have a few drawbacks, they’re minor compared to the fantastic results this club delivers.

New Titleist T350 Iron Set with Advanced Engineering


When I got my hands on the Titleist T350 Iron Set, I was excited to see if it lived up to the hype. The set comes with a Mitsubishi Tensei AV Red AM2 Graphite shaft, which added an extra layer of excitement.

One of the standout features has been the Max Impact Technology. It refines the dual-taper forged face, providing a faster swing speed from any point on the hitting surface, and it has certainly made a difference in my game. The Variable Bounce Sole, inspired by the Vokey Design, also impresses with its softened trailing edge, allowing the club to flow faster through the turf even after contact, making my best shots feel even better.

However, I did notice that the gapping between the different irons in the set is quite close together. This can sometimes make it challenging to find the right club for a particular shot. This is a minor issue, but something to consider before making a purchase.

The Titleist T350 Iron Set has been a game-changer for me. Its fast swing speed and forgiveness have helped me improve my ball flight and accuracy, and the overall design and feel of the clubs are fantastic. Despite the slight issue with gapping, I would highly recommend this set to anyone looking for a high-quality, versatile, and durable set of golf irons.

Maximum Launch and Distance with Titleist T350 Irons


Recently, I had the chance to give the Titleist T350 irons a try, and I must say, I was impressed. The new hollow-body construction and improved off-center speed make for a game-changing experience. One feature that really stood out to me is the Vokey-influenced variable bounce sole, which made turf interaction a breeze. The dual D18 tungsten weighting provided an excellent feel and increased forgiveness.

Though I experienced a few hiccups while making adjustments to my swing, the T350 irons overall were a huge improvement in my game. Their ability to launch and provide distance while maintaining forgiveness made them a worthy addition to my collection.

Titleist T300 Iron Set: Premium Long-Distance Golf Clubs


The Titleist T300 irons have become an integral part of my daily life on the golf course. The moment I picked them up, I noticed their sleek and modern design. As a long-time Titleist user, the brand’s reputation for quality and innovation was a great incentive to try these irons.

One of the first things that stood out to me was their launch distance. I’ve never hit an iron that felt so effortless and provided that extra boost to send the ball flying through the air. The forgiveness these irons offer is truly impressive, allowing me to feel more confident in my shots even when they’re not perfect.

However, there were a few minor drawbacks that I noticed. The irons can feel a bit unforgiving on mishits, and it’s essential to swing them “dead solid perfect” to achieve optimal results. Additionally, the chrome finish tends to show scratches more easily than a standard matte finish, which requires a bit of extra care.

In summary, my experience with the Titleist T300 irons has been mostly positive. The irons offer great distance, forgiveness, and an attractive design that perfectly matches my taste. Despite some minor drawbacks, I’m confident that these irons have made me a better golfer and helped me enjoy the game even more.

Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke Steel Irons: AI-Optimized Performance for Distance, Control, and Precision


I recently had the chance to try out the Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke Steel Irons, and my experience was nothing short of phenomenal. As a golf enthusiast with average to high swing speeds, I was eager to see how these irons would perform in terms of distance and precision.

The Paradym Ai Smoke model truly lives up to its promise of boosting distance and tightening dispersion. The AI smart face is a game-changer, utilizing swing data from thousands of golfers to optimize performance. This technology balances distance, control, and precision in a way that feels natural and intuitive. The contemporary design, combined with the hollow-body construction, offers a perfect blend of modern sophistication and innovation.

One of the standout features for me was the improved turf interaction, thanks to the dynamic sole design. The pre-worn leading edge with variable bounce allows for crisp contact on all shots, and its forgiving nature ensures consistent performance even in tricky situations. As I played with these irons, I was amazed at how well they adapted to various terrains and conditions, making them an invaluable asset to my golfing arsenal.

In conclusion, the Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke Steel Irons have quickly become my go-to choice for golfing endeavors. Their impressive features and performance have definitely made a lasting impression on me, and I look forward to continuing to enjoy the benefits they provide.

Buyer’s Guide

Titleist golf clubs are renowned for their superior quality, performance, and innovation in the golf world. Known for their exceptional golf equipment, Titleist offers an extensive range of golf clubs to cater to different skill levels and preferences. In this buyer’s guide, we will discuss the essential features, considerations, and advice to help you make an informed decision when purchasing Titleist golf clubs.

Materials and Construction


Titleist uses high-quality materials and state-of-the-art technology to construct their golf clubs. The primary materials include titanium, steel, and graphite. The choice of material depends on the club type, your expertise, and the desired performance. Ensure to consider the materials used when selecting Titleist golf clubs.

Design and Shaft Options

Titleist offers an array of club designs and shaft options catering to different player preferences. Look for clubs with adjustable weights or settings that could help improve your game. Explore various shaft options to choose the one best suited to your play style and strength. Take the time to find the ideal combination of club design and shaft for your needs.


Titleist is known for its extensive customization options. From adding your name to club cosmetics or even modifying club specifications, Titleist allows you to create a truly unique set of golf clubs. Weigh the customization options against the cost to find the best fit for your preferences and budget.


Trial or Demo Programs

Titleist offers trial or demo programs for some of their clubs. These programs give you an opportunity to try before you buy, allowing you to make an informed decision on whether a specific club suits your play style and preferences. Explore these programs to enhance your purchase experience.

Price and Budget

Titleist golf clubs come in a range of prices, from budget-friendly options to high-end, professional-grade equipment. Determine your budget before making a purchase, as this will help narrow down your options and select the most suitable Titleist golf club for your needs.

Consultations and Expert Advice


Don’t be hesitant to seek advice from experienced golf professionals or Titleist experts. Consulting with them can provide you with valuable insights into the best clubs for your play style, skill level, and goals. This investment in advice can ultimately lead to a more rewarding golf experience and improved performance.

Investing in Titleist golf clubs can significantly enhance your golfing performance and enjoyment. Remember to take into account factors like materials, design, customization options, trial programs, price range, and expert advice when purchasing a Titleist golf club. By carefully considering these elements, you can make a well-informed decision and find the perfect club to elevate your game.


What are the different types of Titleist golf clubs available?

Titleist offers a wide range of golf clubs designed for different types of players and playing styles. Some of their popular club lines include the Titleist TSi Series, Titleist TS3 Series, Titleist TS2 Series, Titleist Vokey SM9 Wedges, Titleist 620 CB and 620 MB irons, and many more.


Which Titleist golf clubs are suitable for beginners?

Titleist offers a variety of clubs suitable for beginners. Some options to consider are the Titleist TS2 driver, Titleist TS2 fairway wood, Titleist TS2 hybrids, Titleist TS2 irons, and Titleist Vokey SM9 wedges. These clubs are designed to be forgiving and easy to hit, making them ideal for beginners.

Do Titleist golf clubs come in different shaft options?

Yes, Titleist offers a variety of shaft options for their clubs. Some of the popular shaft options include the Titleist Pro V1 shaft, Titleist Kuro Kage shaft, and Titleist Graphite Design shaft. These shafts cater to different player preferences and swing speeds.

Can I order custom-fit Titleist golf clubs?


Yes, Titleist offers custom-fit club options for their products. They use advanced fitting technology to help you find the perfect club for your specific needs. To get custom-fit clubs, consult with a Titleist fitter, who will assist you in selecting the right clubs based on your swing characteristics and playing style.

How long do Titleist golf clubs typically last?

The lifespan of a Titleist golf club depends on various factors such as usage, maintenance, and the quality of the club. With proper care and maintenance, a Titleist golf club can last for several years before needing replacement. However, it’s essential to replace damaged or worn-out clubs to ensure optimal performance.

Where can I find Titleist golf clubs for sale?

Titleist golf clubs are available for purchase at various retailers, both online and brick-and-mortar. Some popular online retailers include Titleist’s official website, Amazon, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Golf Galaxy. It’s recommended to compare prices and read customer reviews before making a purchase.